A new way to experience art online.

Website Design and Development

Inspired by the gallery itself, we went for a simple, elegant design, and we wanted to let the artworks do the talking for us.

This example above is the Exhibition page, done using the magic of Webflow and CMS integrations.

The Challenge

1. to create a clean website

Where the art speaks for itself, and the users can enjoy admiring the exhibitions, reading all about the artists and their ideas, and enquire about purchasing artwork. All without leaving the comfort of their home.

2. to add some CMS magic

And have a website that updates in real time, as data is added, without having a developer constantly working on it 24/7.

3. to make it easy to use and understand

So that the owner of the website knows how to work with it and actually can add, edit or delete exhibitions, articles, works and artists of the gallery by themselves, so they have total control of their website.

The Solution

Enter... Webflow CMS

Self-populating sections and pages, that change while you add the content in the background, without you having to lift a finger on the UI front.

Every page is connected

Everything is linked, so that the users of the website can navigate easily from one page to another, from every point on the website.

There's CMS working in the background

Because we want a site that works seamlessly and changes itself as we add more content, or modify the existing content, we set up links in the background that help the owner of the website without them struggling to understand how it all works.

It's fully responsive

Because we live in the day and age where more that 80% of a website's traffic happens on a mobile device, we made sure that this project embraces all device shapes and sizes.