Bring your bar into the future


Simply send us your current menu, and you are done,
easy as that.

We create your 3D menu just by looking at pictures with your products. If you want to get more involved in the process, you can also do that!


We sketch every detail to match your menu exactly.
It feels playful like the childhood joy.

This is the most vivid menu experience available today, anywhere.


3D visualisation significantly reduce the imagination gap customer face when seeing vs reading

More clarity of the product, decreases the cognitive load, resulting in increased purchase intentions up to 700%  

Explore the research

XR Drinks Menu

The extended reality (XR) menu is developed by a group of professionals with expertise in mixology, consumer behaviour research and immersive experience design.

The fully-customizable menu is crafted with detailed precision, individually for each bar. Customers interact with the identity and atmosphere of the location, in the most immersive bar experience available today.

Experience the XR menu

The classic drinks menu reimagined
in a captivating and immersive experience.

Custom-designed for a unique experience with every drink.
Collect data and drive
personalized campaigns.
Accesible on any
web browser and device.

Major benefit number two.

Get your sales hat on! Some people are going to read this, and use it to make a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes to create such a menu?

Between 2 weeks for a simple menu with up to 20 products, and 10 weeks for a complex one with 100 products or more.

Is really every product custom made?

Abolutely every detail is done customly for your products, based on your menu.

How can you estimate the profit increase?

Simple! We researched the impact of  menu products visualised in 3D/AR on purchase intention (vs conventional menus), then aggregated the results and determined the following: 

static 3D - increases purchase intention by 5%
dynamic 3D - increases purchase intention by 10%
interactive 3D - increases purchase intention by 15%

We are very confident in those estimates, as the actual research results indicate significantly higher values. However, we prefer to remain conservative in our estimates, to be sure the impact can only be higher than that.

Your input:

XR cocktail type What's that?
Bar open days per month:
Average price per cocktail (€):
Number of cocktails in the menu:
Average number of cocktails sold in one day:


Annual revenue:

(before adopting cocktail XR menu)

Revenue increase:

(after adopting cocktail XR menu)

Profit increase:

(= Revenue - Costs; considering industry avg. 10%)

XR menu investment:

Estimated profit increase per year:

(Increased profit - Investment)
Static 3D example
Dynamic 3D example
Interactive 3D example

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